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novembro 23, 2009

Dirceu Maués


DIRCEU MAUÉS’ oeuvre constitutes a far-reaching investigation into the photographic process and the techniques and equipment involved. The current omnipresence of digitally generated images is an occasion for Dirceu Maués to reflect on more original forms of photography and to construct his own cameras using the simplest of means. Over the course of time, in this way the so-called “pinhole” technique based on the principle of the ‘camera obscura’ has developed into his main means of aesthetic expression.
A pinhole or hole camera does not use a lens, but is based on precisely this optical effect. The image is “fixed” by attaching film material or photo paper to the inner projection surface. Dirceu Maués uses his pinhole-cameras to recreate a hand-crafted means of image production dating from an era long before that of analogue photography, transferring this method to a present day which has long since arrived at the technical perfection of digital photography or artificial image generation, and in this way brings the intuitive, ‘human’ factor back to the fore.
Maués developed the installation “Somewhere – Alexanderplatz” during his stay in Berlin; it consists of six projected video loops showing photos of the well-known Berlin square from different vantage points. In pre-
paration for these shots, Maués used matchboxes to painstakingly construct 120 small pinhole cameras by hand, and then attached photo paper to the inside, subsequently recording photo sequences of the square
from various vantage points as well as the dominant sounds in the area. Subsequently, he assembled the photographs into a film animation: the result was a 360° panorama of the square, characterised by the marks
of chance and his own work by hand with its minor errors and faults.
Maués sees his overall artistic practice as a multilayered experiment operating in the border areas between photography, cinema and video and thus “comparing and contrasting the extended time of the pinhole camera with the absolute moment of film.” (D. Maués)

Dirceu Maués currently holds a fellowship from the Itáu Cultural Institute, São Paulo, in the context of our International Studio Programme.

Dirceu Maués – “Somewhere – Alexanderplatz”
27th November – 13th December 2009, Studio 2
Opening: Thursday, 26th November 2009, from 7 p.m.

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  1. Luciana Lima permalink
    novembro 23, 2009 5:29 pm

    Dirceu, parabéns!!! que voce leve esse seu conhecimento e aprenda muito mais, pois voce é um excelente profissional, tanto prova que voce está ai…
    Pra melhorar ainda mais os seu conhecimentos, aproveite ao máximo isso tudo, pois voce merece.
    abraços da FAMILIA LIMA

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